The exact origin and history of Stand Up Paddleboarding is hard to pinpoint. Thousands of years ago, people in areas of Africa and South America, would use floating platforms to stand on and long sticks as a paddle to help them fish and travel around on water. There is also of course strong links to the Hawaiian surf culture and it is believed that modern day SUPing as we know it was developed here. Surfers would take a paddle with them to help propel them out to sea whilst standing up to spot the best waves, and occasionally whilst riding a wave would use the paddle to help them steer.

Nowadays, SUPing has now become one of the fastest growing water sports in the world. When taught in flat water conditions, the sport is so accessible even first timers can quickly find themselves gliding through the water with ease. SUPing is not only a fantastic way to explore, but also one of the more enjoyable ways to exercise and is great for core body strength. It’s easy to see why the sport is becoming so popular, and we are sure that after trying SUPing on one of our cruises, with the guidance from our qualified instructor, you’ll be eager to have a go again. On our cruises we will take you to sheltered beaches with flat calm waters; perfect conditions for Stand up Paddleboarding.

Once hooked on the sport there are many avenues in which you can participate; racing, surfing and touring are amongst the most popular styles, but if you’re like Josh and Laura, you’ll probably find enjoying a casual paddle, exploring at leisure (preferably in the sunshine) more your thing.

The SUPs we have on offer for you to use on our cruises have been carefully chosen. They are inflatable, but even so, these boards are super sturdy, suitable for all weights and sizes, and are perfect for all abilities on flat water. Because they are inflatable, they are easier on the knees for climbing on and off the board, lighter to manoeuvre in and out of the water, and can take a few knocks without being damaged.