All summer long…

Ready… set… wait…… ready… wait… set… GO!!! That’s what the start of summer felt like to us. The boat was ready, WE were ready, but unfortunately the person with the stamp wavering over our papers was not on our side, so we had to wait until the middle of July, (JULY!!!!) to start our cruises. To say we were frustrated is an understatement, and the waiting was unbearable (think child waking up ridiculously early Christmas morning waiting for the parents to wake up to open presents, except without the excitement, and without a fat jolly bearded man in a red suit). It was a long and painful wait, but the day we got the call that the license had finally been approved and was being couriered to Nidri we were literally jumping for joy around the kitchen.

We started cruising straight away, there was a lot of catching up to do to make up for lost time. Amazingly we have done over 75% of last years total cruises, this year in August alone, so we’re happy that our business is growing and more and more people are choosing to cruise with us. We’re still something a little different compared to the other boats along the harbour, and we pride ourselves on that and introducing people to paddleboarding.

We got back into our little routine and Josh got the feel for driving the boat and mooring up (although we did have a few little crashes coming back to Nidri harbour at the end of the day; turns out what I think is 5 metres from the wall and what is actually 5 metres from the wall are 2 very different things) We’ve also had Josh’s younger sister Beth working with us as crew. She’s been an awesome crew mate and really helped especially when the cruises have been full. While Josh is furiously wafting the BBQ ready to cook the souvlaki, and I am teaching people to paddleboard, it’s been great to have another pair of hands around. ┬áCOME BACK NEXT YEAR BETH!!

It’s been awesome having so many of our friends cruising with us this year. We talk about what we do all summer long but its great that people have actually come along and spent the day with us to experience it for themselves. So to all of our friends that have joined us so far, thank you! And for those of you who haven’t yet, what are you waiting for? (probably for the end of September to come around and lives to be less hot, sweaty and manic eh)



We’ve been lucky enough that even in the height of peak season, the beaches we are using this year on the cruises have still remained quiet. We pick small secluded beaches on Meganisi and Lefkada that are mostly sheltered from the wind so are flat for SUPing, and have proven really great for snorkelling. Mr Octupus has made a few appearances again this summer ( fully aware it is highly unlikely to be the same little dude as last year) which always brings excitement to the day and the coral seems to be thriving this summer, much more than previous years. The beautiful Ionian dolphins have also been sighted from our cruises again this summer. There’s still no feeling like watching them jump and play and swim along side the boat as we cruise along, it is and I imagine always will be something special. (Although when we do spot dolphins I spend most of the time either scrambling around looking for my camera, or leaning off the opposite side of the boat as everyone rushes to one side to get the best view)

One of the most fun parts of this summer so far have been the huge amount of kids we’ve had onboard. They’ve all been so keen to paddleboard, have loved the snorkelling and generally just filling the day with smiles and enthusiasm that rubs off on all the guests onboard. I think this is another perk to our cruises, having small numbers of people means it is often just a few families or groups that actually get to know each other throughout the day and make memories together; it’s great to see.



As well as the ticket cruises we’ve had a good amount of private charters of the boat also. Families and groups having the boat to themselves for the day giving them total flexibility to create the day that suits them. We’ve had birthdays, an engagement, a honeymoon and a wedding anniversary celebrating with us this year. Any excuse for me to get the bunting out and decorate the boat.



Finally our SUP rentals have also proven a great success. The ones we have had rented out have been all over the island in the back of peoples rental cars and even off the island with people taking them on their yachts. We always say its such a great way to explore and it really is. It’s so accessible and so easy to do that anyone can give it a go.


So all in all, after a very very delayed start, summer is going great, and we hope to be running right through into October, weather and people permitting. So if you’re reading this and haven’t spent a day with us yet, come on…get involved.

Until next time…