We bought a boat!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Wait… it’s the end of April??!!… we’re 4 months into 2017 already? It’s been a while since I have had time to write a blog, but here’s what’s been happening. (Cue the exciting news that I told you would be in the next blog when I wrote the last one all those months ago… you remember right?)

This winter has been super busy here at LPC HQ, mainly because we went and bought a boat!! (EXCITING NEWS). Yep that’s right, Josh and Laura Eames, now own their very own kaiki! It still at times seems like absolute madness, especially considering the state the boat was in when we first bought it (see pictures below), yes, in true spur of the moment style, much like when we decided to pack up our lives in the UK and move to Lefkada in a 5 day turn around, we decided to buy a boat that hadn’t actually been driven for almost 6 years, and had not even been on the water for almost 3. It definitely wasn’t water tight and sea ready, it was barely even land ready, probably another few wet winter months sat in a boatyard away from becoming a crumbling heap on the floor. But, you know us, we love a challenge.  We saw beyond the state the boat was in, and had a vision of how it could be once fixed up and restored; “oooooh can we get beanbags?” I said, “yeah!! Right after we get a new hull, new cabins, a new boom, new decking, new railings, new canopy, new benches and a new engine” Josh said. Well it’s probably about time I ordered those beanbags because she’s nearly…..so so nearly, ready. The men at the boatyard in Astakos on mainland did a cracking job at fixing the hull and ensuring it was water tight, as Josh and I have many strings to our bow, but boat builders is yet to be one of them (although Josh has given it a damn good go). The boat being so far away did mean many long days especially for Josh who would travel there and back in a day often 3 or 4 times a week to make sure things were progressing. There’s a hypothetical stick that you must hypothetically poke some Greeks with to make sure stuff is getting done. The late finishes in the boatyard and the long tired drives back to Nidri were often made worth it by the incredible sunsets that could be seen all the way home. It’s moments like those we remember why we made the move here in the first place, Greece is just stunning.


There was also something in the name of the boat that pulled on our heartstrings. Aγγελος is her name, which translates to English as Angel.  It’s almost a year and a half now since we lost Josh’s little brother Damian, which was such a devastating loss to everyone that knew him.  We both felt something when we were told the name of the boat, and we took it as a sign to take the risk and buy it. Life’s too short to pass up on opportunities and to play it too safe; sometimes you just have to go for it. Now we will always have our angel cruising with us on every trip.

It was actually October last year when we made the purchase of a lifetime, fast forward to now, less than a month before the season starts, and she’s made her way to Nidri from the boatyard on mainland, and is structurally water tight, well, she’s been on the water over a month and is still afloat so that’s a good sign. This year Josh’s step dad Ady came to Nidri to lend a hand for a few weeks and thank goodness he did, as although it was back on the water there still was, and is, a lot more work to do. Ady and Josh managed to build a whole new cabin (the original built at the boatyard, we found out too late, was built too small), put the windows in and built the benches. So BIG thanks to Ady for your help. (If you read this, you think you are coming out next week for a holiday with the family, but there’s a lot of painting to be done still hahaha)

The photos below are of the progress so far, it WILL be finished in the next few weeks, so you’ll have to wait for the finished product.

We cannot also forget to thank our friends Jane and Stelios who not only massively helped us start our business last year, but are now even more massively helping us with all the stuff required when buying and registering a boat (A LOT OF STUFF). We are just two Brits in our twenties (Yes I am still… only just) trying to make a life for ourselves on Lefkada and the experience and support we have had from these two I don’t think we could ever repay, so we’ll just stick to our usual currency…beer? Huge thanks to my mum and dad too for believing in us enough to finance this new adventure we are on. We will pay back every penny and you’ll always have somewhere hot, sunny and by the sea to retire to when you eventually quit the day jobs.

Lastly just one more bit of news. Another exciting development for this summer is that we now offer Stand Up Paddleboard rentals. We did it a few times last year when people had contacted us requesting to rent them when we didn’t have a cruise, but this year we’ve invested in more paddleboards to use on the cruises and for rental. We imported our British plated VW t4 onto Greek plates as a work’s vehicle so we can now use that to deliver to anywhere on the island and get more and more people SUPing! Hurray!

So whether you will be cruising with us, or renting from us, we look forward to seeing you in summer, and we wish all our friends on the island a prosperous summer too.

Happy Summer! Καλο Καλοκαιρι !


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