Smiles all round

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Woooooohoooooooooooooooooo!!! That’s only a fraction of the excitement we felt as our summer finally started and we ran our first few cruises last week. As we pulled away from Nidri harbour and the boat was cruising away it felt like all the hard work had finally paid off, we couldn’t have asked for a better start to summer. The sun was shining, the strong breeze that had been sweeping through Nidri the last few days had eased off  and best of all the guests we had on board for both the cruises were really great, fun people. We had a good mixture of ages and families and it was great to see everyone sitting and chatting to each other, one of the many perks of being one of the smaller cruise boats.

There’s so many secluded beaches in the area it was hard to choose which ones to go to, but there is one on Meganisi island we used both days because as you can see from the photos, the water and the colours here were incredible. Our boat is able to park right up on the beach which means that the paddleboard sessions could take place in the safety of the shallows. The picture above is of a super cool family that had private chartered the boat for the afternoon. It’s true, you are never too young to try paddleboarding, facing the right way and holding the paddle isn’t always necessary, especially if you are only 15months old. These guys enjoyed a short 4 hour cruise with us including a BBQ, and I was really pleased my home made tzatsiki went down a treat ( I sometimes go a little overboard with the garlic …unintended boaty pun). It was so nice to be able to give this family a day to remember and it was such a chilled out afternoon we both got time for a little SUP session too. During our stop in the beautiful village of Vathy, they had brought us back the most delicious tasting ice cream, our days were made and we felt like kids being rewarded for being well behaved.

The daily cruise was also a success. Seeing so many people in the water (even though it was a bit fresh shall we say as you first go in) either SUPing, swimming, snorkelling or just dipping their toes in the shallows was really great. In fear of running out of food for the BBQ lunch we had massively over bought what we needed, and after begging people to just eat a little more, Josh and I had souvlaki and Greek salad for lunch and dinner that day and the next. Can’t complain though, the souvlaki is delicious especially after Josh marinates it himself. The stop in Vathy between beaches was a good half way point to the day. People were able to grab coffees, have a wander around the village and buy some locally made gifts.


The second beach of the day again provided us with great flat water conditions. You could see people were more confident on the boards and managing to glide about in a little more control over the direction they were headed. A few people also saw this second stop as a great opportunity to chill on a beach with a nice cold beer  and take a siesta in the sun. They were on holiday after all.



We really started to believe we had found a little niche in the market here in Nidri. However we’re discovering it’s quite hard to compete with a lot of the well established daily cruise trips already operating here, and it seems that many people are put off as soon as we mention the word paddleboarding. I cannot tell you how many times the last few weeks alone we have heard ‘oh, we’re too old to try that’ or ‘the kids are a bit young’ , it’s making us more determined to prove people otherwise. Paddleboarding doesn’t have to be a high intensity sport, it doesn’t even have to be done with any great skill. Just get out on the board, stand, kneel, sit backwards, share a board with a friend, even lie down and use it as an elaborate lilo it doesn’t matter, it’s still a new experience and we should all forever be having new experiences, no matter who you are.

So for anyone reading this, and all our friends that know how passionate we are about this, the message to pass on is ‘Go on… TRY SOMETHING NEW!’


Until next time …


2 thoughts on “Smiles all round

  1. Hello, Well congrats on your business. I haven’t been to Lefkata since 2012 but I will be back soon. I too own a Paddleboard company, here in SW Florida. I am hoping to do a couple trips with you in September and snorkeling and maybe renting a board. Is this possible. I will be there for 3 weeks. Love your site and ideas!


    1. Hi Tracie

      Thank you very much for you nice comments. Whenever you are coming to Lefkada please con tact us and we can book you onto trips. If we don’t need the boards for a cruise you can of course rent one from us. Let us know when you know dates etc and we can arrange something.

      Bet wishes



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