It’s the final countdown…

It’s a pretty surreal experience watching a big wooden boat slide down a big greased up wooden sledge being pushed along by some big burly Greek men with big wooden planks. If you haven’t already seen it or have no idea what I’m talking about, I urge you to go on our Facebook page and just watch the video of the launching of our boat, Agios Nikolaos. With our Greek understanding still being a little sketchy, we had no real idea what all the shouting was as the momentum picked up and the boat started moving at an ever increasing pace towards the water. Thank goodness for our Greek friend Stelios (who’s father owns the boat and use to run his own daily cruises on it) for giving us a helping hand. There was no branding on the boat when she launched, but still looked an absolute beauty as she had her first outing on the water. It was just a quick little jaunt towards Madouri island just to check, above all, that it didn’t sink, then back to the harbour to be moored up for now amongst all the other little Greek fishing boats. We’re not usually ones to blow our own trumpets (that’s possibly a lie) but she doesn’t half look gleaming after all the hours of sanding and a fresh lick of paint. The time and effort paid off.


It was a huge relief to have the boat launched, and gave us a little time to step back and remember all the millions of other things we needed to sort out before the start of the season. We had a delivery from the UK a few days ago with the new banners, vinyl stickers and flags, all adorned with our name and logo. The boat itself is pretty much ready to go now, apart from a final touch up with white paint to cover all the splodges of the blue paint which was suppose to be only for the deck (of which there are MANY splodges). The delivery also brought us 480 Yorkshire tea bags, that’s not really relevant to anything but what else would we drink in our branded mugs…when the wife is from Yorkshire, you drink Yorkshire tea.


All that’s left for us to do now is wait for the rain to stop, get set up on the harbour and get selling. We hope to run a cruise by the end of this week or start of next depending on the weather. Today quite possibly the most important of all the jobs was done, we started up an account at the alcohol supplier, so the beers and wine are in stock; the wine is free with lunch on all our cruises by the way, delicious local stuff, tried and tested by yours truly. There’s not much else to write for today, the next blog will hopefully be the most exciting as we will have done our first cruise….fingers crossed it’s a success. Send all positive vibes this way for us please.

One final thing, both of us have Grandads with a birthday today, but sadly one of them is no longer with us. We are so very grateful they have both been here to the island that we now call home. Happy Birthday to these two great men xxx





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