The Boatyard

So here goes the first blog entry, it’s been something we’ve been meaning to do for a few weeks but turns out getting a boat ready for going on the water is a lot more work than we anticipated. There’s finally been some good weather here for the last week and a half (by good I mean BOILING HOT, the current tan lines are ridiculous), and the progress we’ve made on the boat has surprised even ourselves. Luckily this week  we’ve also been fortunate enough to have Josh’s dad Barry helping us out too. We feel a little guilty about him working on the boat with us on his holiday but he assures us he doesn’t mind. Plus he’s done all the intricate painting parts that Josh and I would have definitely made a complete mess of. It seems neither of us can touch a paint brush without somehow being covered head to toe in paint. Josh had some in his beard…how does that even happen?!

We were told the other day the boat’s going in the water ‘sometime next week’. We’re on Greek time so as yet (as far as we know) there’s no definite date or time, or even whether next week really means next week, but its been a hectic few days of long hours down the boatyard to make sure we’re ready, and we so nearly are. After weeks of sanding, filling, priming and generally making the boat look worse, it’s now in the final stages of being painted and looking beautiful. Our time in the boatyard has actually been really fun, even with all the hard work and grafting. There’s dozens of boats being worked on and the general atmosphere is filled with excitement at the prospect of summer being just around the corner. It’s been nice to have people come up and talk to us, asking us what we are doing the boat up for, and being able to spread the word about our plans for the summer. It’s also really cool watching other boats being launched into the water. It’s completely old fashioned, the boats are held up on old oil barrels and planks of wood, and are launched into the water along a greased up wooden sledge, insane but awesome to see in action. We can’t wait now to actually be launched into the water ourselves and take our spot in Nidri Harbour.

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It’s not all been work work work. We were up before the sun on Wednesday morning to take advantage of the glassy flat water, and try out one of our new Starboard paddleboards. It was quick to pump up, really easy to manoeuvre in the water, and glided along nicely without much paddle effort. As we expected they really are a great board and we’re really pleased with them.  We managed to capture some amazing photos, it was an early start but totally worth it.

That’s all for the first blog,  it’s been another busy busy day and we’re now off to Vliho  Yacht Club for a well earned pint….or 2. ‘Til next time, whenever that may be….


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